Nadda graduated secondary school from Assumption College Sriracha in 1982 and continued on to John Glenn High School in the US state of Ohio through the American Field Service Scholarship (AFS) programme, before returning to complete a Bachelors of Business Management in Marketing at Assumption University in 1987. His first position was as a Sales Executive for Siam Cement from which he progressed to the role of Product Manager at Asia Porcelain Industry before becoming a Market Executive for American Express until 1991.

Nadda soon entered into the advertising agency industry by ascending to the post of Account Group Director of J Walter Thomson, one of the world’s five top advertising firms. At the agency, he handled Warner-Lambert (Thailand) and continued on with JWT until 1996 before shifting once again to the music industry.

From 1996-2006, Nadda was managing director of a newly formed record label MCA, which grew to become Universal Music (Thailand) Co Ltd. During his 10 year tenure, he achieved many memorable successes in introducing international musical artists to Thailand and would continue on to be the Managing Director of Warner Music (Thailand) from 2007-2013, enhancing its business strategy by utilising established artists such as Carabao and Pu Pongsith to create new business opportunities through their concerts and through building on business allies.

In January 2014, Nadda decided to take on the challenge of serving as Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia X Thailand.

Minjun Yu