How to Fly Happy with Toddlers

My baby boy turns 3 next January. Unlike me who only had the privilege to board a commercial flight at the age of 30, my baby boy has been going in and out of airplanes before his 1st birthday. Travel with kids can be an ordeal for some and can be quite daunting for new parents. Let's face it, not every one enjoys the company of little angels. I know, I’ve been there. I too was once a single and baby-free traveler who is guilty of screaming “PLEASE DON’T LET THE BABY SIT NEXT TO ME!” in silence.

Anyway, allow me to share with you my tips on fuss-free travel with the little ones.

Pick your seat on the plane

window seat
window seat

My son is extremely active and not able to sit still throughout a flight. Therefore, when I travel with my son, I always pick a window seat for him so that he can have a little bit of privacy and entertain himself looking out the window for cotton candy clouds.

Timing is everything

One tip that works for me is to fly during my child’s nap time. Usually my son would take his nap at 1.30pm. So I’ll make sure to fly in the afternoon between 12pm to 2pm. That will give my son plenty of time to run around the airport before departure and by the time we boarded the aircraft, he would be worn out and sleep like a baby.

Pack their favorite snacks and drink

kids meal
kids meal

Since AirAsia practices its no outside food policy on board, I would make sure that I pre-order a meal for my son to make sure that he is well fed on board. Some of his favorites are a Kid’s Meal that comes with a pizza and Ribena drink. He is also a big fan of T&Co’s Chocolate Brownies! Also, make sure that your toddler has plenty of liquid during take-off and descent since swallowing helps prevent altitude-related ear pain. Check out AirAsia’s list of hot meals and pre-booked meals here

Wet wipes and extra diapers

Never ever leave home without packing some wet wipes and extra diapers. Can you imagine if you ran out of diapers on board? That could be your worst nightmare if your toddler has a soiled diaper and cannot change into fresh ones!

Bring his/her favorite soft toy

My son was gifted a Rilakkuma soft toy when he was barely a month old and has been sleeping with his ‘friend’ as long as he can remember. Wherever he goes, his ‘friend’ follows. So you can see why I have to bring along his ‘friend’ whenever we travel. It keeps him comfy and serves as a pillow too!

Pack a plane bag for your child

This works for me like a gem. Every time before we leave the house, I get my son to pick what he wants to bring along with us in his little backpack. He would put his favorite Hot Wheels cars and his favorite board books (full of cars). It can get pretty chilly in the plane, so I’d make sure that I pack a jacket or a lightweight blanket and a pair of socks for my son to keep him warm. If you forgot to pack any of these, fret not! You can purchase AirAsia’s Kids Fun Bag, Kids Fun Box and Airport Play Set on board!

bag for bebe
bag for bebe

Travel with an iPad (or not)

To bring or not to bring an iPad – this is a controversial topic. A little bit of screen time is not a biggie for me. Besides, it’s way better to keep my son entertained than to have him screaming and throwing tantrum throughout a long flight. Whatever it is, do remember to turn off all electronic devices during take off and landing.

What other tips do you have? Share them in the comment box below!