As the biggest airline in Asean, and one of the biggest in Asia, we recognise we have an immense responsibility to our numerous stakeholders in ensuring we operate safely, responsibly and with integrity. This has formed the basis of our sustainability efforts over the years and will continue to drive our future performance.



Our Safety & Health policies are aimed principally at ensuring the well-being of our guests and infl ight crew, but also extend to cover practices on the ground such as ramp operations. Safety is a core principle of how we run our business. We are committed to developing, implementing, maintaining and constantly improving strategies and processes to ensure that all our aviation activities take place under a balanced allocation of organisational resources.

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Different stakeholder groups, such as the public, our Allstars, investors, the government and all of our business partners, play an important role in our continuing success as a low-cost airline. Accordingly, we invest considerable resources to develop and maintain strong relationships with these groups.

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Talent Attraction & Retention

We have a unique culture at AirAsia in which everyone is treated as part of a big family. That means supporting each other but also being brutally honest when need be. Because of our open offi ce layout, the leadership team is always ‘available’ for conversation with any Allstar. We have developed as fl at an organisational hierarchy as possible to maintain a democratic work environment in which the opinions and contributions of everyone are valued and treated with respect.

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Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is key to maintaining high standards of service, as well as to keeping our costs low. We have various programmes to ensure continuous improvement of our systems and processes.

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Service Efficiency

We place great emphasis on providing a high standard of service as we believe being affordable does not mean having to compromise on the level of professionalism with which we treat every guest.

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Energy Consumption & Fuel Management

As a low-cost carrier in which around 31% of our costs are related to fuel, energy efficiency has always been a key consideration at AirAsia. Being able to manage our fuel consumption is critical to our sustainability and also helps us contribute to the sustainability of the natural environment.

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Risk & Crisis Management

Risk management is firmly embedded within the aviation industry due to the high level of regulatory oversight. The mandate of managing risks effectively for AirAsia lies with our Group Risk department (Group Risk).

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