What It Takes to Be the World's Best Cabin Crew


AirAsia has just won World's Leading Low-Cost Airline and World's Leading Low-Cost Airline Cabin Crew in the 2017 World Travel Awards!

We are proud of our amazing cabin crew. Not everyone can do what they do. They serve guests with a smile, and at the same ensure cabin safety. It’s not just the rigorous training that makes AirAsia cabin crew world-class. Our stringent selection process ensures that we hire the best people for the job.

If you want to be among the best cabin crew in the world, these are the qualities that you need to be recruited and to thrive in AirAsia.

Outgoing, fun and energetic personality

Part of the interview session is a Group Activities session where all candidates are grouped together and perform in front of the panel as a group. Many of the candidates we select have special talents such as dancing, singing and acting. These are particularly valuable as cabin crew are called on to host special occasions onboard such as birthdays celebrations and even marriage proposals!


A positive attitude and an inexhaustible supply of smiles

Candidates are evaluated in terms of physical appearance and personality. They must pass the catwalk assessment during interview session. This is to maintain the vibrant and fun culture of AirAsia Cabin Crew, and our image of being well groomed and maintaining good deportment. They are also rewarded for the many compliments they receive from guests. We have a merit points system for crew, which drives them to perform well and look good on board.

Good communication skills

There is a session called One-to-One Interview between candidates and the panel. Candidates are asked general questions and talk about themselves in order to show their English proficiency and communication skills. Cabin crew are well trained by AACE (Asian Aviation Centre for Excellence) in the soft skills syllabus, which covers guest and cabin crew engagement.

We have an open door culture between management and the cabin crew, which makes them feel very welcome to come and meet us to share any issues they face on board with guests, as well as with fellow crew members. This culture helps to develop cabin crew communication and raise their confidence level.

Health and safety-oriented

Cabin crew are the first responders in case of onboard emergencies. That is why they are specially trained in First Aid and emergency situations. This is also the reason why they strictly enforce procedures during takeoff and landing, make sure your tray table is stowed, seat is upright, window shades are up, and seatbelts are fastened. They look after everyone's safety as that is one of their most important responsibilities.

Can provide excellent service within a team environment

The Group Activities session during the interview is crucial as this is when panels will be able to see their team spirit, as the result will be evaluated based on group performance. Inflight sales allowance and any compliments or complaints by guests will be equally shared by the whole set of cabin crew. This will automatically create a team work and a pleasant working environment as well among cabin crew while on duty.


...And still look good under pressure

Our Grooming policy requires all cabin crew to maintain the highest standards of deportment, or the manner in which cabin crew behaves in public and on board in front of passengers and among crew members. It’s the way they talk, walk, stand and sit. When the crew is confident and relaxed, our guests feel at ease when they fly.

Do you meet the criteria above? Visit the AirAsia page on LinkedIn for the latest cabin crew walk-in interviews.