Ground Team Red successfully ISAGO certified

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SEPANG, 17 July 2019 - Ground Team Red, a joint venture between AirAsia and SATS has successfully completed the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO). The global standards and accreditation by IATA covers its headquarters and station at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The new and improved ISAGO audit model, implemented in 2017, emphasises alignment and implementation of standards for processes and procedures across all ground service provider operations.

Auditors from the IATA Charter of Professional Auditors (CoPA) audited GTR against five ISAGO standards - Organisation and Management (ORM), Aircraft Handling and Loading (HDL), Aircraft Ground Movement (AGM), Load Control (LOD) and Passenger and Baggage Handling (PAB).

GTR places utmost importance on safety, security and quality, with a strong belief in continuous improvement through innovation. In January 2019, GTR was awarded RA3 certification by the EUIVA Independent Validation Services for its cargo operations. With RA3 certification, EU-member states recognise GTR as a regulated agent and confirm that it meets the security requirement for screening air cargo and mail entering the EU, further establishing GTR’s position in the aviation services sector.

“Congratulations to Ground Team Red Sdn Bhd (GTR) for achieving ISAGO registration. By joining the ISAGO registry, GTR is demonstrating a commitment to operating to globally-accepted industry best practices for ground operations,” said Conrad Clifford, IATA’s Regional Vice President for Asia-Pacific

Commenting on the new ISAGO registration, Ground Team Red CEO Kevin Chin said he was proud with the latest milestone that GTR has achieved considering its inception not long ago.

“A first for Ground Team Red after acquiring the RA3 certification, this certification will further our goal to revolutionise how ground operations services are delivered. The certification also demonstrates our priority commitment to adhering to IATA’s international standards for airport operations,” he said.


About Ground Team Red

Ground Team Red Sdn Bhd (GTR) is a joint venture between SATS Ltd (SATS) and AirAsia Berhad, and commenced operations on 1 November 2017. GTR aims to maintain the highest quality product by embracing technology (innovation and digitalisation) to improve the productivity of our personnel, enhancing service level, with a strong emphasis on maintaining high safety standards. GTR provides a comprehensive range of ground handling services such as; guest handling, baggage services, aircraft handling,cargo handling services and security services. Currently, GTR handles an average of 475 flights daily across 19 airports in Malaysia and Singapore.