No third-party agents appointed to carry out recruitments

BENGALURU, 11 April 2018 - AirAsia would like to advise the public to refrain from responding to false recruitment offers originating from non-AirAsia representatives or channels.

It has come to the airline’s attention that an unaffiliated agency in India is using the AirAsia brand for false recruitment purposes and demanding payment from its candidates. This is a scam and the public should refrain from approaching or consulting such agencies pertaining to job opportunities with AirAsia.

AirAsia carries out its own recruitment programs and has never required third-party agents or services to recruit on its behalf. Recruitment / job openings will only be announced on, through the airline’s official communication channels and / or communicated via AirAsia’s official email addresses.

AirAsia will not entertain any request / demand for employment from job seekers with offers from unauthorised third party recruiters.

Please refer to official AirAsia communication channels for inquiries on matters pertaining to AirAsia on Facebook ( or visit